Friday, September 21, 2012

There's A Song In His Heart

Wednesday night after eating supper Cruz decided to entertain us in song.  He loves music and singing!   Usually when I get my camera he stops singing, but for some reason this night he seemed to enjoy it.  He also usually does better when we sing along with him, but I spared you having to hear my voice.  Because of that he gets hung up a few times, but he's still cute trying.  He sure made us smile.  Maybe he will brighten your day as well.

Here he is singing the ABC's.  I think we should just call it the EFG's though, because he got stuck there, haha.  The ending is my favorite!

Here he is singing "God Made Me".  The words say: God made me, God made me, I'm so glad that God made me.  We sing it often and let Cruz insert different names.  He loves it!

He loves singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider

Row Row Row Your Boat

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Have a great weekend everyone!

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