Monday, September 3, 2012

Playing At The Mission House

While at our mission house in Guatemala City last week I took a few photos of Cruz playing with the kids that live there.  He loves playing with them, and asks us all the time to go back to their house.  Most everytime we get in the car and say we are going to town (meaning Chiquimula) he thinks we mean the Capital and the mission house. 

He plays better with the older two than Kaitlin, the youngest.  She is just a year older than him but is the baby of the family and is used to getting her way all.the.time.  She does not share very well, and that makes for a bad combination.  Overall, though, they do okay together. 

Kaitlin, Josue, and Cruz
They have a lot of toys and things to ride.  This is their newest toy, a motorized four wheeler.  Cruz is crazy about it!  I would love to get him one for Christmas, in another color of course, but David is thinking a bicycle would be better for him. 

getting ready to race

and their off!  I love that look of determination on Cruz's face. 

That's my boy!

On another note, a volunteer team recently came down and painted the mission house.  Here are a few photos of how it looks.  It definitely brightened it up.

They also repainted the inside of the guest rooms out back.  There have been a lot of changes and improvements lately to the property and it is looking nice.

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