Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Here, There, and Everywhere

On Sunday morning David made his second trip to the village of Nearer to lead a home Bible study.  So far Bro. Nahum has not been able to go with him on Sundays so David has been going alone.  This week only the one family of believers was present.  There were no visitors.  David taught the family, stayed and visited with them a while, and then left.  He made plans to return next week and told them he would be bringing his family with him.  The wife and kids have been asking when we were going to come.  David says that it is a pretty extreme hike to and from the house and he has not thought I was up to it just yet after having Ben.  We will both have to carry a child while we hike up and down the mountain.  I am not sure I will ever be ready for that, but I am going to try it this Sunday.  It should be interesting.  Pray for us, will ya?

He left the village and returned home to pick us up.  We then all drove over to Copan Ruinas, Honduras to meet with some fellow missionaries.  Alan and Melodie Lyons had flown in from Mexico to teach a weekend session on Bible storying to the students at the agricultural center in Honduras.  We met them along with Dan and his son at a local restaurant.  We enjoyed a meal and fellowship around the table before we returned to Guatemala with the Lyons.  They visited with us on Sunday and Monday before heading back to Guatemala City to fly home.  While they were here we spent a good bit of time talking about our work, and our plans for this area.  We also took them out to see the two areas we are currently working in.  We had a great time with them, and always enjoy having guests in our home.

We were expecting to have a visit from David and Glynis Miller on Tuesday, but due to a teacher strike and the roads being blocked they could not get to our area.  David had plans to join David Miller and take two national pastors to go look at some areas that they might consider adopting with their congregations to help reach.  We were sad that this did not take place as planned, and will try to reschedule with them sometime later this month. 

I did not take a single photo of any of these events.  I realized while crossing the border back into Guatemala that I missed getting a photo of Ben on his first trip to Honduras.  How did I miss that?  I also did not get a photo of them with the Lyons.  I must be more tired than I think, haha.

Happy Independence Day!

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