Friday, June 8, 2012

Story Time

I used to love to read to Cruz.  We would read several times a day and especially at night.  Lately though I have really slacked in that area.  It just seems like I do not have the time to sit still and read, and at night I am usually completely exhausted and do not have the energy.  I am trying to do better because I know it is very good for Cruz.  The other night I did sit down and read to both of them.  I have a set of Veggie Tales books and those are Cruz's favorites lately.  He is constantly asking for "Bob and Lilly" (or at least that is what is sounds like he is saying, haha).  His favorite is the ABC one.  He likes to point to all of the pictures and tell us what they are.  Lately he has also started pointing to things and asking us what they are as if to quiz us and see if we know.  He can be so funny like that.  He loves books and even if we are not reading to him he will sit and "read" to himself.  When we find him doing that it makes us smile.
me and my boys

Earlier today I walked by their room and noticed Cruz in the crib with Ben "reading" to him.  It was a sweet sight!   

At one point he laid the book over on Ben as if to say "ok, it's your turn to read".  It made me laugh out loud.  I just love watching these two together and I just know that they are going to be the best of buds!

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