Monday, April 2, 2012

Let's Get It Started

This past weekend we hosted a group of six that came over from Honduras.  The missionary there, Dan, is the one we are looking to partner with in the future.  He wanted to come see the Chorti work here, how they live, and what type of land they have for growing crops.  His dad, Harold, was with him.  He is the one who developed the agricultural program that they are using in Honduras.  Mr. Harold had two other men with him from his church in the States.  His pastor, Bro. Jerry, is the former pastor of David's dad.  We had heard many good things about him but had never met him.  How cool that we got to meet him here in Guatemala.  We also learned that all three of them live less than twenty minutes from our home in the States.  We made plans to visit with them at the Wynndale Steak House in October when we go home for vacation .  Dan also brought two nationals that work with him in Honduras.  They were a great group to have around, and we enjoyed their fellowship! 
a group photo after supper on Friday night

They visited in two different Chorti areas.  They felt good that one might be a strong possibility to begin a project in.  They quickly noticed that the land in this area is very steep which makes it difficult for growing crops.  They also said that it is much drier here than in Honduras.  These issues might be a challenge.  Also, we found out that many people here do not own their land.  They rent it.  There might not be much motivation for people to invest in their property when it is not really theirs.   Dan would have to tweek the program they are currently using in Honduras to make it work here, but that is something that can be done. 

We are not sure when we might begin, but will be praying about it.  It cannot be until after the baby is born and we are back home and settled.  Also, Dan will be starting a training institute in April in Honduras.  Pray with us as we seek the Lord on His timing on this project.  We are excited about it!

Here are a few photos one of the men took in the village we are looking to work in- 
a few of the kids who came out to see the group

This is the stove inside the house of the person we have contact with in the village. 

This is a photo of her kitchen.  Seeing these sure makes me appreciate the comforts of my home!

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