Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Little School Boy

Yesterday David spent the day in a Chorti village.  He was gone about ten hours total which meant that Cruz and I got to spend the whole day together without him.  That is rare.  He forgot to take the camera so I do not have any photos of his day, but he did enjoy himself and was able to be around and listen to many Chorti speakers.  While he was gone Cruz and I took a little fieldtrip of our own.  My new friend Joy is volunteering at a new Christian school in the neighboring town of Jocotan.  She invited us to come over and let Cruz play with some of the kids during their recess time.  She also wanted me to get a tour of the school and meet the director. 

Our vehicle was at home but I was not sure if I could back it out of our gate so I decided we would go in a tuk tuk.  I knew Cruz would enjoy that more anyway.  The school was about a ten- fifteen minute ride away.  We walked into our town (Camotan) and caught a tuk tuk headed to Jocotan.  We arrived at the school right on time and were greeted by many kids playing outside.  Cruz ran right in and began to play with them.  He had such a fun time. 

We were able to visit all of the classrooms and meet the students and teachers.  In a few of the classes Cruz would grab a seat and want to participate.  He had a favorite class of younger kids that he kept running back to.  He would pull a chair up to the table and act like he was part of the class.  The teacher finally gave him a color sheet and let him color like the other kids.  He loved it!  

He fell asleep on the tuk tuk ride home and slept for two hours.  Him getting a good nap was worth the whole trip.  We hope to visit again one day and let him play more.
Cruz and Joy

They had some cages with four rabbits in them.  Cruz enjoyed getting to hold and pet them. 

Cruz pretending he was in school.  He loved this particular class the most.

His first school worksheet.  I think I am ready to sign him up, haha.

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