Friday, February 10, 2012

Make A Mess Mama

Yesterday during our weekly trip into town to buy groceries I got brave and bought Cruz some finger paints.  I thought it would be fun to strip him down and let him play in it.  It was just as fun as I imagined.  After a few minutes he warmed up to it and really enjoyed himself.  It took him a while because 1)  it was his first time and 2)  he does not like his hands to be dirty.  The whole time he was painting he kept telling me "make a mess Mama... make a mess".  He was saying that he was making a mess.  I tried to explain to him that it was okay, but I am not sure he got it.  The rest of the afternoon he kept pointing to the area where he was painting and telling me he made a mess.  He gets that cleanliness honest.  His daddy is the same way.

Here are a few photos of him in action-

I would put paint on my finger and then rub it over his hands.  He would then rub his hands on the paper, and the sheet we had down on the ground, and his body... you get the picture.

Once he caught on he liked it.

When he was finished we put him in his kiddie pool and let him play and rinse off.  He had paint on him from head to toe.  It was a fun way to kill a little afternoon time. 

and here is the finished product hanging on his wall.
I love it and cannot wait for us to do it again soon!

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