Monday, August 22, 2011

Day of the Bible

This past weekend the K'ekchi' Baptists were celebrating "Day of the Bible".  It is a time every year they set aside to honor God's Word.  Many held services on Saturday and Sunday.  We chose to attend the celebration on Sunday morning at Damasco Baptist Church in Las Pozas. 

On Saturday evening the church had a parade in their town in honor of the Bible and carried it around on this homemade platform.  A few of the smaller area churches came to town to join them.

During the Sunday morning service they talked a lot about the Bible, read many scriptures, and sang songs about it.  They took up an offering for the Bible as well.  Right now we are currently out of K'ekchi' Bibles.  Our last reprint was done back in 2009.  You can read HERE about the exciting day when they arrived.  Ms. Fran has placed another order and we hope they will be printed and delivered by the end of the year/ first of next year.

Bro. Matias, K'ekchi' national missionary, preached the sermon.  At the end of the service they had the Lord's Supper.  It was a great way to end a weekend of celebration. 
This is Bro. Miguel (pastor of the church) and Bro. Matias
For the Lord's Supper they used broken saltine crackers and grapette soda.

It is a little different how they do the Lord's Supper part.  First of all let me say that the church was full.  The pastor stood in the pulpit and one by one called by name all of the believers down to the altar.  They formed a very long line, men on one side and women on the other.  Not everyone there was called forward which meant that they were most likely not believers.  There is no shame among the K'ekchi' to admit that you are not a believer.  Many times we have asked people and they simply say no or not yet.  I like their honesty.  

Once the service ended we had a quick time of prayer for a young girl who was sick and then headed to the pastor's house for lunch.  They fixed us a large bowl of caldo with chicken, guisquil, and cabbage.  We also had tortillas and 7up.  Cruz enjoyed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich along with some steamed pears I made and packed for him.

Here are a few more photos I took before we left- 
David with Bro. Miguel (the pastor) and his wife Rosa.  Rosa is president of the associational ladies WMU.

The president of the church (forgot his name), Rosa, Bro. Miguel, Bro. Matias, and David

They were all very happy that we could be there to celebrate with them.  While giving our greetings we both shared with the church about the Ch'orti' work and told them about our service there next Saturday.  We asked them to be praying for it and the Ch'orti' people and they assured us that they would.  The K'ekchi' are people of prayer and having them pray for our new work is going to be a wonderful extension to our prayer support we receive from back home.  For that we say "God is Good"!

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