Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Bibles Have Arrived!!!

Earlier this year Miss Fran placed an order for 10,000 new K'ekchi' Bibles. They were recently delivered!! We spent Tuesday & Wednesday getting several thousand of them put at the K'ekchi' Baptist Association office in Coban. David made several round trips with a truck load at a time before finishing. He and the others were pretty tired!
David, Rick, & Alex
Rick is Miss Fran's helper. Alex is the new employee at the Baptist office. He is the son of Bro. Andres Xo- the pastor at La Colonia.

Loading at Miss Fran's
Unloading at the K'ekchi' office
We didn't notice until after the fact that David was wearing an old Bible Drills t-shirt from our home church.
What a great message! Please pray that the K'ekchi' would take serious the studying of God's word and that it would be used to bring many to a relationship with Him.


  1. Oh bible drills... I remember having to do those at camp. The ones where you hold the bible up in the air with one hand until they give the reference and then you scramble like mad to find it? Yeah. Didn't like those much until I learned the New Testament song. I have to teach it to my kids this year so they will quit looking in the table of contents every time I tell them to look something up.

    (We've been having a lot of copying of Proverbs 12:18 lately... lots of reckless words in the hoodlums mouths. lol)

  2. How great it must have been to see all those boxes of BIBLEs..
    I love the Tshirt he must have been inspiered when he put it on..

  3. What a wonderful ministry! Thank you for visiting my blog ... I am so looking forward to following yours and keeping track of the amazing things God does in and through you!! ~ Teri Lynne

  4. Awesome! Blessings to you guys!!


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