Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Little About the Ch'orti'

There is much about the Ch'orti' culture we will need to learn.  We will try to share with you as we learn it ourselves.  I have not taken many photos on our previous visits mostly because I am too busy looking around and trying to see it all for myself.  The idea of learning a new people, a new area, and a new culture is very exciting and we pray you will follow along with us and support us in prayer.

So far we have seen a variety of different types of houses in the area.  Some live in concrete houses, some in thatched roof houses, and some live in adobe type houses as seen below-

I must say that I was a little disappointed to learn that unlike most all of the other  Mayan groups in Guatemala who wear bright, colorful, pretty dress, the Ch'orti' women wear outfits similar to the ladies pictured below.  They wear these puffy sleeved blouses and pleated knee length skirts.  It looks like something from the days of old, haha, and definitely not what you would expect Mayans to be dressed in.  I will try to get better photos of some of the ladies dress on an upcoming visit.  This photo was taken with the window rolled up.  I am still not comfortable to roll down my window and take photos of the people yet.

Some of you have already asked about the language.  The Ch'orti' do have their own language, but it is not being used much.  Most all of the people there speak Spanish only.  I think it is sad to see a culture lose their heart language.  Below is a picture I took of a sign we saw that had Ch'orti' writing on it to share with you all.

This is just another random picture I took of a map along the road showing the Ch'orti' area.

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