Friday, July 1, 2011

13 Month Update

This past Sunday Cruz turned 13 months.  I recently found out from reading another blog that the stickers I use for his monthly updates now come in 13-24 months so I ordered a set and had my mom mail them to me.  They are really cute and have a different form of transportation on each one.  I had not planned on doing his updates until he was two years old, but I think it will be fun to continue.  I plan to have a blog book printed of these updates when I am done.  It will be a nice treasure to keep and show him one day. 

So, at thirteen months, WHAT HAS HE BEEN UP TO LATELY?
*  He weighed 22.8 pounds at his one year check-up
*  He is 31 inches long
*  He still wears some 12 month clothes but is mostly wearing 18 month sizes
*  He wears size 4 shoe
*  He wears size 4 diapers
*  He has 8 teeth- four on top and four on bottom.  He is teething again and drooling  I had
    packed up all of his bibs but had to dig a few out for him to wear during the day because his shirts were
    getting soaked. 
*  He is walking everywhere and we love it!  The change from crawling to walking has been our favorite so
    far.  We love that we can put him down and he can walk with us or follow us around.  He is enjoying it
*  He keeps a bruise on his face/ head all the time.  He is very rowdy.  He climbs on everything.  He falls a
    a lot.
*   He loves to be outdoors and usually cries when we take him inside
*   He loves to play with sticks, rocks, and leaves
*   He loves water (warm or cold).  He is a trooper when it comes to having to take a cold shower.  He
     doesn't love it, but he handles it well.
*   He babbles all day long.  The locals assume he is speaking English, but we have no idea what he is
     saying.  He does point and say "dat" (that) a lot and he can say "nack" (snack).  He will walk to where I
     keep his snacks and point and tell me "nack" when he is hungry.  He also says "chucho" a lot.  It means
     dog/ mutt in Spanish but he calls everything chucho.  The locals thinks he means dog and loves that he
     can say that.
*   He is a great eater and will eat just about anything we feed him.  He still eats a mixture of baby food and
     table food. 
*   He is still nursing once a day (early morning) and drinks everything else from a sippie cup. 
*   He loves to play peep eye and will cover his eyes when I say "where's the baby" as if he is hiding.
*   He is obsessed with keeping all of the doors in our house closed.  We like to keep them open for fresh
     air but he walks around closing the doors all day long. 
*   He is a high maintenance sleeper!  He still wakes up during the night and sometimes can take up to two
     hours to get him back to sleep.  Most days he naps well but it is hard to get him to go down for a nap. 
     He most always cries when it is time for him to nap/ and or go to bed at night.  He just wants to play and
     not stop to rest. 
*   He attended his first VBS this month and had a great time.
*   He is such a friendly little guy.  He is funny, charming, and very social.  He loves to be around people.
We do have moments like these and they are not fun, haha

We are enjoying watching him grow, explore, and learn new things.  This is a fun age and he is a busy little fellow these days.  We love having him in our lives, and experiencing life through his.

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