Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day 2011- Part 2

I posted earlier in the week about my American Mother's Day celebration.  Here in Guatemala we celebrate Mother's Day on May 10.  So that means that unless May 10 falls on a Sunday, we get to celebrate twice.  How nice is that!  This post is about how I spent my Guatemala Mother's Day.

The day started really, really early.  Here it is tradition to start shooting fireworks before the crack of dawn.  They started around our house about midnight.  People drive around in vehicles playing very loud music, giving "shout outs" and Mother's Day wishes through a megaphone, and shooting fireworks in your yard.  It seemed as though they circled our block at least a dozen times.  It was constant until about 3:30 and then it got quiet for an hour or so.  Around 5:00 they started back up for another round.  We were exhausted!  If most mom's around here are like me the one thing they would love most for Mother's Day is some rest.  This is not a very good "gift" for mom's in my opinion, lol, but he locals love it.

Surprisingly, Cruz slept  through most of the celebration.  We were thankful for that.  He decided it was time to start our day around 6:30 (a little earlier than normal).  We had french toast for breakfast and I ate mine on our special plate.  I have a feeling that this plate is going to be one of my most prized possessions in the years to come.

We then packed up, loaded the car, and drove north.  Our first stop was Pizza Hut for lunch.  It was my choice.  I could eat  pizza every day.   After eating we walked over to the local grocery store to buy some snacks and bottled water and then headed around the back side of Lake Itza for the night. 

 We spent some time walking along the lake,

 swinging in the hammocks,

playing in the water,

and just relaxing!  It was a wonderful afternoon.
We had a nice dinner and then enjoyed the evening getting to take a bubble bath and sleeping under A/C.  I felt pampered, haha.

The next morning we walked back down to the lake to help feed the turtles and fish.  That was a lot of fun.  Below are a few photos of us on the walk down.

We stood on the back of this big boat and watched the turtles swim in.  There were a lot of them in all sizes. 

The hotel worker brought this bag of left over bread and that is what we fed them. 

David and Cruz on the pier 

Me and my baby boy
It was a great way to celebrate.  I had a blast!  I told David that next year I would like to do the same thing except maybe stay the night on Mother's Day Eve and skip some of the local festivities.  ;-)

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  1. Looks like you guys had a wonderful mother's day! You'll have to tell us more about hte turtles...that would be a sure hit with my crew! Thanks for your notes of welcome! Cruz is a cutie, and I know I look forward to meeting you three soon!
    ~kristy and crw


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