Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 2011 Part 1

My Mother's Day weekend was a work weekend for us.  We had made plans a while back to attend the inauguration of a new mission in the town of Poptun (without realizing it was Mother's Day weekend).  They have been meeting for a few months, but had the service to make them officially a part of the Peten K'ekchi' Baptist Association this weekend.  We left early Saturday morning and did not return home until late Sunday afternoon.  Because of that David made sure that I had a little something to enjoy before we left.  When I woke up Saturday morning and walked into the kitchen, this is what I found-
He bought me this glass frame, and put a photo of Cruz in it.  He picked some flowers from our yard and put them in water.  And, he made me a very special card from Cruz.  He wrote it as if it were Cruz speaking.  What I love most was that he used English, Spanish, and K'ekchi' words because we are sure that when Cruz starts talking that is what he is going to sound like, haha.  It was priceless and brought a big smile to my face!
me and my sweet boy

This was us on Sunday morning before heading out to attend a baptismal service.  We had the joy of watching ten people get baptized that morning.  Afterwards we attended worship with them and had lunch together.  It was more of a typical Sunday than a special day.  But, Mother's Day in Guatemala is tomorrow, May 10.  So that means I get the chance to celebrate again.  I am not sure what all is planned, but I do know it will include a nice meal and some R and R.  I am looking forward to writing Part 2 of this post later this week. 

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