Friday, May 6, 2011

Mixing Business With Pleasure

We returned home to Sayaxche last Saturday from the missions conference in Coban.  Our supervisors followed us home and spent the weekend in Sayaxche with us.  We arrived in time to eat lunch at The Oasis and then took them to a local hotel.  We spent the rest of the afternoon unpacking, getting settled in, and I cooked everyone supper.  They joined us later that afternoon, and in addition to eating, we spent some time talking about our current job assignment and our future goals.  It is nice to have others check on you to see how you are doing, where you are struggling, what is and is not working in your ministry, and offer advice as to how to continue on and be effective.  We appreciate the organization that we work for!

Sunday morning we visited the village of Quetzalito to attend their anniversary service.  This village is about 2 hours away. 
 Keith, Alan, and David on the road to Quetzalito
 this is the mission church there

We all gathered in the pastors house after the service for lunch.  We were served grilled beef, cole slaw, black beans, tortillas, and limon lime soda.  I enjoyed it.  It is always nice when we are served something other than caldo (although we do love caldo).

a photo of the men after lunch

They cooked caldo, and a few other things for the rest of the guests.  This is a photo of the outside of the kitchen.  Everyone else was served under that make-shift tent.
Inside the kitchen. 
This is a pot of caldo cooking over an open fire.  You can see the grilled beef in the bottom corner.  That is what we ate.

They had many pieces of meat piled high on a table in the corner.

We returned to our house in Sayaxche that afternoon and stopped just long enough to have a cup of coffee and some of us had frappuccinos.  We then loaded back up and headed down to the river to ask about a tour.  We didn't want to go anywhere specific, but just wanted a leisure ride down the river.  We found a guy willing to take us and we got ready to board.
 These were our boat options.  They are typical taxi boats here.

Alan and Cruz
He was excited about cruisin' with Cruz

our boat and driver

 Alan, David, Cruz, Keith, and Penny

Cruz's first ride down the Passion River

We all loved it!  It was a very relaxing way to spend the afternoon.

When we returned we then headed north to Flores for dinner.  We enjoyed a sunset meal overlooking the lake there.  That is one of my favorite things to do.  We also visited Sarita's for ice cream before driving back to Sayaxche.  It was a long day, but a fun one!  They traveled back to Guatemala City on Monday morning. 

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  1. A river outing from Sayaxche: Aquateca a Late Classic Mayan ruin that is about a half day trip by boat from Sayaxche is well worth the effort. The trip is up a small stream through a number of lakes to a limestone cliff with a small ruin on top. If you want to take an out-of-town group somewhere that is different, Aquateca fits the bill. I put 3000 miles on my rental car last time in Guate, Aquateca was one of the highlights. My brother and I contracted with the desk clerk at our hotel for the trip. We went early in the day, we had the place to ourselves but on leaving there were 5-6 boats pulled up dropping tourists off. I would rate the trip as safe as far as outings off the beaten track are in Guatemala.


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