Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Meeting the Greenwoods

One of the greatest blessings about our time on the mission field has been the opportunity to work alongside seasoned, experienced missionaries who have helped mentor us and not only teach us about the K'ekchi' and their culture, but also how to be good missionaries.   We have enjoyed having Jim and Carol McGriff, Wendall and Jane Parker, and Fran Eachus to teach us and help us.   Our time here would not have been as successful had these precious people not been in our lives! 

Last week while at the conference in Coban we got the honor of meeting another retired K'ekchi' Baptist missionary couple- Dick and Lahoma Greenwood.  You can't go anywhere among the K'ekchi' that they don't ask about this couple.  They were one of the first ones to work with the K'ekchi' and really laid the foundation for others like ourselves to come behind them.  It was a blessing to get to visit with them.  We just wish that we would have had more time.  We enjoyed the few stories he shared with us, but could have sat for hours/ days and just listened to him share.  They are a sweet couple, and we are now glad to say that we know them!
David, Cruz, me, Mrs. Lahoma, and Bro. Dick

I love this picture!

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