Friday, February 18, 2011

The Mission in La Libertad

This morning we set out on another blind adventure.  This one was to find the mission church in the "town" of La Libertad.  I say "town" because if you read our blog regularly you'll know that a few weeks ago we thought we were going there but didn't.  Anyway, we had visited the mission back in 2008 with a prayer team and knew somewhat the area of town where it was located and that it was on a dirt road but that's about all we could remember.  When there before we learned that they were struggling a lot and were about to close the doors.  We prayed with them that day and didn't really hear much else about it until we returned here last fall.  We learned  that they only have about four families and that they are without a pastor.  They had asked the K'ekchi' Association to donate some tin so they could build a pastorium in the hopes that a pastor would come there and lead them.   We have had them on our hearts and have wanted to visit again ever since we moved here. Today we made an attempt to do that. 

We arrived in the town and started looking.  The town is much bigger than we had originally thought.  We spent over an hour riding up and down each dirt road looking for the mission.  We asked several people for directions and it seemed hopeless.  When we finally decided to give up for the day and return home, guess what we saw on the last road out???  the Baptist Mission.  We were very excited!  We saw a bicycle parked out back so we knew someone must be there.  When we got out to see we found four men there working on building a house.  It was good to see them working and doing it on their own.  One of the men was the president of the mission and another was a leader in the mission.  After talking a while we learned that they have not been meeting at all for any services.  That was discouraging to hear.  We also saw many churches in the town but found out that none of them are holding services in K'ekchi'.  This church would be the only one to hold services in K'ekchi' in that area and since they are few in number and have no pastor, they gave up and quit meeting. 

We stayed a while and visited and then had a time of prayer for them.  We told them we would like to come back and have a service with them.  We planned for the first Sunday in March.  They seemed really excited about that idea.  We are praying and ask you to pray with us that these few believers could get excited again about serving the Lord and begin to bring life back to their little mission church.  Pray for us as we seek to help them maybe get started again. 
Vicente, David, and Carlos

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  1. This would be so cool if you guys could encourage them. Jimmy met a guy at our last training module who didn't have a church and was interested in working at this church. Don't have a name though. Sorry.


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