Tuesday, March 1, 2011

9 Month Update

Our baby turned 9 months old on Saturday.  There is not much "baby" left of him these days.  He is quickly becoming a little boy!  I have now officially held him in my arms as long as I carried him in my tummy.  My, how time flies!
*   He weighs around 22 or 23 pounds but we won't know for sure until his check-up next week
*   He did not cut any new teeth this month. He still only has six- four on top and two on bottom.
*   He is wearing 9 and 12 month clothes
*   His hair is still red/ blond and is growing.  He now wakes up with "bed head" and I am having to wet it to get it to lay down.
*   His eyes are more gray than blue 
*   He is a busy, busy little boy these days.  He is always exploring and seldom still for any amount of time
*   He is crawling all over the place.
*   He is pulling up on any and every thing that will hold him.  He can walk around holding on to things such as the couch, tables, etc.  He prefers to be standing to sitting down. 
*   Because of the above, he is constantly falling and bruising himself.  He keeps a bruise on his face these days. 
*   He has learned the meaning of the word NO and he does not like it!  :-)
*   He prefers to go barefooted instead of wearing shoes.  BUT, he loves shoes!  He likes to chew on them and will crawl across the room to get to a pair of shoes he sees left out.  I have to watch my shoes at all times.  He is constantly trying to get them.
*   He loves to play with plastic water bottles, plastic bowls, and wooden spoons.  He bangs everything he gets his hands on.
*   He loves animals, especially dogs.
*   He has not been sleeping well lately.  I can count on one hand the number of nights he has slept through the night this past month.  It makes for a very tired Mama and Daddy but we know that it's just a phase and are praying that life will return to normal soon (whatever normal is, ha).
*   He sleeps in his bed at night and then we put him in our bed after his early morning feeding.  We love that time together.
*   He is learning to turn the light switch off and on and gets very excited when we let him do it.
*   He started waving "adios" this month.  It is cute to watch him do it.
*   He can now pull up on the cabinets, open the doors, and pull things out.  Life is about to get real fun!
*   He also is learning to open drawers.
*   He is still nursing four times a day although he eats most at his early morning and night feedings.  During the day he is just too busy to stop and eat long.
*    He is enjoying finger foods.  He likes to feed himself.
*   New foods he has tried this past month include toast, egg yolks, cantaloupe, watermelon, pasta noodles, eggplant, butternut squash, papaya, Cheerios, graham crackers, cheddar cheese, beef, and chicken.  He is usually a good eater.  His favorites these days are pears and eggplant. 
*   He rode in a shopping cart for the first time this month and loved it.  He likes being able to see everything.
*   He does not like being confined or held down.  He is not enjoying his high chair or car seat much these days.  He does however love his stroller.
*   He loves to prop his feet up on everything and sits with his feet crossed.
*   He loves the outdoors.  He loves leaves.  He loves listening to the birds, and watching the cars, trucks, and motorcycles go up and down the road.
*  We joke that he has bionic ears because he hears everything.  He can't be still for looking around at every little noise that is made. 

He is still a happy, sweet little boy and we would not trade him for anything in the world.  There are days when we are completely exhausted, wishing for a nap, some rest, or a break, but we are thankful that we are both able to be with him 24/7 to see and experience this short phase of his life.  It's a blessing to be his parents, and we thank God for entrusting him to us.
You are such a JOY!

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