Thursday, February 3, 2011

We Work, He Plays

On Wednesday we attended the monthly Pastor's Conference here in Sayaxche'.  They meet the first Wednesday of every month.  They start arriving in the morning, but they don't really start their meetings until 1:00.  David went to hang out and visit a while in the morning and then we all went back for the afternoon sessions.  This is a monthly time for them to fellowship, conduct their business, hear a report from their national missionaries, make announcements about upcoming events and studies, etc.  Because the K'ekchi' work (as a whole) is divided into six regions we used to have to try to attend six of these meetings each month.  It's nice now to only have one, although we miss seeing some of the brothers from the other regions. 

Since the Peten Association added a sixth national missionary this year they needed to re-divide the work area up among all of them.  They announced at the meeting what churches/ areas each of them were responsible for this year.  We received a copy of each of their assigned areas, and that will help us in our visits.  We look forward to working along side each of these men this year.
The K'ekchi' national missionaries
Javier, Marcelino (in the back), Jose', Domingo, Matias, and Abilino

At one point in the meeting David was asked to come pray over these men.  Here are a few photos of him doing that.

The meetings were from 1-3 and then 3:30 to 5:30.  During the break many of the men enjoyed playing with Cruz.  I had taken him a blanket and some toys to play with.  He spent most of the first session on the floor playing.   

The study center here is large so David thought it would be a good idea to take his walker for him to play in.  I am glad he thought of that because it came in handy.  For most of the second session he ran all around and really enjoyed himself.  He played inside and outside.  At one point he chased a group of seven turkeys around outside for a good while.  He loved that!  He really seems to be curious about animals.   
Playing inside the study center. 
You can see the pastor's meeting upfront and there is a wide open space in the back, with plenty of room to roam.

I can honestly say that his two favorite "toys" these days are his walker and a plastic bottle.  He toted that bottle around all afternoon, at one point banging it on the floor loudly like a drum.  He hasn't learned to play quietly yet, haha.  If he saw one of the brothers drinking something he would scoot over to them and try to take their bottle.  He loves those.

By the time the meeting was over we were all hot and tired, Cruz especially.  I took one last photo of David with the new President of the Association before we headed home.   
Bro. Pedro Choc Cas, David, and Cruz

It was a great day.  We got our calendars for the next few weeks pretty full, and that's exciting.  We love being out around the K'ekchi' people and are looking foward to the opportunities we have coming up to do that.

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  1. I wish they didn't make those walkers with wheels illegal here :( I would have LOVED to have one!!


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