Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cruz's Nursery

I hope that within the next few weeks I can finish posting before and after photos of our house.  We still have some decorating to do and some boxes to unpack, but have not had much motivation to do it.  It's like we are moved in now and things can wait.  Maybe we'll have this house like we want it before our term ends, haha.  Anyway, today I'll start with Cruz's nursery.  He was six months old before he got his own room and we were happy to finally get him unpacked and settled in.  Here is the view from the doorway-
Before we look around any further, I'll show you a few before photos- 
it doesn't look as bad in these photos as it did in person 
I can't believe now that we spent about two weeks "camping out" in here on camp cots while we worked in other parts of the house (we also "camped out" in our bedroom for a few days).  It's hard to remember the house as it originally was. 
We painted his room "glad yellow".  It is very bright and cheery- kind of like Cruz :-) 
another view from the doorway 

My friend Misty painted these pictures for him and they go really good over his bed.  You can read about us getting the pictures HERE.

Since it's too hot to use the quilt that goes with his bedding, we decided to buy a hanger and put it on the wall.  It looks cute there!

We were very happy to get his changing table out of the crate.  We use it everyday to change his diapers and get him dressed.  It is much easier than doing it on our bed or on the floor.  We are very glad we crated one here.

In one corner we have a shelf with his books on it and some baskets with a few toys.  

His bed

This dresser was made here in Guatemala. 

These photo holders were also painted by my friend Misty.  I need to get some pictures developed to go in them.

We bought these letters in Cozumel this time last year on our babymoon.  They had a booth set up selling them and we both thought they were cute.  They are actually small puzzles.  At the time we were not 100% sure we were naming him Cruz but decided to buy the letters anyway and so Cruz it was. 

We love monkey's!

A few of his many stuffed animals.  Most of these came from his MiMi. 

This is the Nosquito we bought recently for his room.  We turn it on late in the afternoon to hopefully kill any critters that are flying around.  It seems to work well.

We are thankful that the weather has been pleasant enough to still just sleep with a fan running at night.  In the next few weeks we will have to install a/c units in our bedroom windows for sleeping.  They say it's going to get pretty warm around these parts.   Also, you can see the sunflower curtain hanging (they are in every room).  I still need to visit a fabric store to buy some material for new curtains.  Maybe soon I can get that done.
Hope you enjoyed looking around his room.

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