Friday, December 3, 2010

Fun Foto Friday (and a few fun videos too)

Several months ago we saw some really cute foam mats in Guatemala City and bought them.  My plans were to put them up for when Cruz is older.  I had wanted to buy him a rug similar to the design on the mats and ship it with our crates but I never got around to doing it.  When I saw these mats I just had to have them.  They are actually for an older child because he can't really play with cars on them yet, but David had the idea to use them as cushion on our concrete floors right now for him to roll around on.  He decided to open them up the other night.  Here are a few short videos of Cruz playing-

   He loves them! 
 We will spread some toys out around it and he will roll all over to get them. 
When we go into the City later this month we plan to buy another set if they still have some.

When Cruz was born many of our friends and family received a phone call to let them know of his arrival.  The company we used to do that, Baby's First Phone Call, shipped him a onesie to wear. It was a size six month so he had to wait a while to wear it.  I had forgotten about it and found it the other day while unpacking some of his clothes.  That was such a great service we used and many of our friends and family still talk about it. 
Speaking of his clothes, earlier this week I packed up all of his 3-6 and 6 month size clothes and unpacked his   6-9 and 9 month sizes.  He is growing too fast! 

He recently received his first bobo.  While rolling around on the floor his head made contact with the wood on our ottoman.  Poor baby.  He didn't cry long, just until I picked him up.

You can see the bruise it left on this photo I took a few days later.

We unpacked and put together his activity center this week as well.  He likes it.  His favorite part is the bird and he LOVES the music.  These days he likes any thing with music and that makes noise.  He is becoming a rowdy little thing, ha.  If a toy doesn't make noise, he will bang it on the floor or table and make his own. 

Saw this little guy on the kitchen screen the other day.

Happy Friday!

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