Friday, May 7, 2010

One Call, That's All

Before we left the States we won a gift certificate to BABY'S FIRST PHONE CALL.  We had never heard of this before and once we checked into it we could not believe what a blessing we had won.  It is a way to let all of you know when little Cruz arrives.  We make one phone call and record a message and the company then calls everyone on our list and plays the message for them.  Here's a little about how it works:

Baby's First Phone Call is an automated call tree that allows you to notify all of your friends and family of the arrival of your bundle of joy without the hassle of making dozens of individual phone calls, or leaving some friends and family to find out second- or third-hand.
 With Baby's First Phone Call, you set up an account before your baby is born—when you still have a moment of time to yourself—and enter the names and phone numbers of all the people you want to notify when the baby arrives. Then, after the baby is born, you make a single phone call and leave a personal voice-mail message of any length with all the details you want to share.

Not only can you tell your friends and family when your little bundle arrived, you can share information such as the hospital and room number you're in and whether and when you'd like to receive visitors.

Our system places calls to each of the phone numbers in your account. If the person answers the phone they hear your happy message. If they don't answer, the message is left on their voicemail or answering machine. In either case, there is an option for them to leave you a return message that you can pick up at your convenience.

It's really that easy! With Baby's First Phone Call, you won't forget to notify anyone of your news and nobody will be the last to know!

With that being said, we don't want to leave anyone out.  We are currently working on our phone list and have many family and friends names entered already.  If you would like to be added to our list and be notified when the baby is born, please email ( or message us on facebook your number and we will be glad to add you. 

We are looking forward to the day we can make that call and share the news of his arrival!!!


  1. Such a cool service. I've never heard of this but it would come in so handy since everyone we know lives away from us!

  2. Happy SITS Saturday sharefest Regina! Have a wonderful day and weekend.

  3. Sounds like a great idea but for me if you, which I`m sure you will, put it on FB with pictures, etc.
    Can`t help but get excited for you. Enjoy your free moments now, when Cruz arrives he will demand your time and love. Prayers are with you both.

  4. Hi Regina,
    I saw your picture and blog title pop up in blog frog while I was looking at someone else's blog. Did you follow that? =P Anyway, your blog title caught my eye as I love finding others living overseas and then wonder if they are in missions and if they might possibly be IMBers! And then I saw your IMB Connecting button! We are IMBers in Europe, currently in Czech Republic but soon to move to Spain and learn another language, although we look forward to learning Spanish. I just wanted to say "Hey!" and why this stranger was following your blog now! Congrats on your pregnancy and prayers for your upcoming birth! Tina


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