Saturday, November 13, 2010

We're Making Progress

Our week began with David painting in the bathroom.  He slipped off of his step stool, fell into the bathroom sink, knocking it off the wall, and breaking it.  We had to make an unexpected trip into Santa Elena to purchase a new sink.  Here are photos of him installing the new one. 
the finished product
It looks just like the other one, just cleaner. 

The next morning while painting the ceiling in the bathroom he touched one of the wires to our "widow maker" shower water heater and it shocked him.  He jerked his arm down, landing on the bar that holds the shower head, and ripped it off of the wall.  ugh!  So, we had to have all of it replaced.  I told him to quit working in the bathroom!  ha  I put on our facebook that I wished we could quit replacing and working on things we had not planned on replacing and working on so we could get accomplished what was needed most.  I think I've mentioned already that these are some memory making days, lol.  On a good note, I was able to take my first shower, a hot one, at the house Friday morning.  It was heavenly!
We knew the water was a problem here, but weren't sure just how bad it was.  We discovered that our cistern was not only not hooked up, but that it was broken.  We thought our water supply was coming from there.  He made plans to purchase a new cistern and water pump and have it all replaced. 
Our friend Jimmy and his helper drove over to help him.  What a blessing they were to us that day! We found out that our water supply was coming from the open concrete cistern shown above at David's waist.  It has no cover and was shocking to see what the water looked like.  Here are a few photos of what our water supply was.  We knew it was dirty and murky but didn't know it was THAT bad!
 the photos really don't do it justice- it was GROSS!
So now we have a new cistern, a pump that will give us great pressure (we have not even had to use the water pressure pump yet), a filter to keep the yucky stuff out, and a little peace of mind. 
The only problem is once we got the new cistern installed, we realized that the pipes couldn't handle the stronger pressure.  Several of them had to be repaired or replaced. Another project we didn't plan on doing.   
The guy building our cabinets came and began working on installing them.  This made me very happy! 
He finished with all but the shelves that go under the sink.  He'll be back on Monday to finish that. 
My favorite photo of the week. 
I now have three cabinets and four drawers.  Because the area was so deep, he installed shelves that pull out.  How cool is that!

We've finished painting the living room, kitchen, and bathroom (ptl).  Here, they like to paint the baseboards around the walls.  The existing ones were green and blue.  We decided to paint them all coffee brown. 
We haven't painted the bedrooms yet because we want to wait to match the paint with our beddings that are in the crate.  We are getting the rooms prepped and ready so all we'll need to do is paint them when our crate arrives.

We've met with some guys about putting in a false ceiling and they are supposed to begin Monday.  We can't wait to get that finished, and we won't be seeing views like these anymore.  We have actually become used to the way it looks and think it's pretty cool. haha  But, we need a ceiling to help keep some of the bugs out.
There is still a lot to do, but we've accomplished a lot this past week.  Our crates are supposed to arrive on Tuesday.  I am anticipating it like it's Christmas!!!

We'll be making a quick overnight trip to Coban today (3.5 hours one way) to wash clothes, buy a few supplies, and bring back another load of our stuff from there.  Please pray for our safety of travel.


  1. I'm laughing with you!!! Congratulations on your new home! As you talked about your home repairs, I thought of the book "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie". If it makes you feel any better, our toilet seat fell off today. The hinges rusted off. (It's less than two years old.) So, you're not the only ones who have to repair before moving on to the "fun stuff". I think they call it the tyranny of the urgent.

    The suspended ceiling is a good idea -- it will keep the heat down where you need it and will insulate when the sun is strong on the metal roofing. Make sure you seal up those cracks under the eaves though. You'll have all kinds of critters making their home in your attic -- birds, bees, bats, snakes, rats, you name it. Been there. Not fun.

    Love the kitchen cabinets and the counter space. Yeah!!! Enjoy, and we'll be praying for your travels!

  2. Wow! You guys have been working so hard, and it looks fantastic!! Those cabinets are beautiful!!


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