Friday, November 26, 2010

Six Month Update

Cruz turns 6 months old today!
Gosh, has it really been a half year already?  Seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home. 

What has he been up to lately?
We have noticed more change in him this month than in any of the previous months.  He is becoming a lot more active and vocal.
*   he is wearing a size 3 diaper
*   he is wearing a mixture of 3/6  and 6/9 month clothes
*   his eyes are a blue gray
*   his hair is a light brown/ blonde color and is growing
*   he loves to play and is enjoying his toys more and more
*   he still puts EVERYTHING in his mouth
*   he has started using his walker and loves to go all over the house in it.  Our house has been mostly empty
     this month so that made for a great play area for him.  He goes frontwards, backwards, sideways, and
     any way he can to get to what he wants.
*   he is reaching and pullling on everything.  We have had to start moving things out of his way and reach. 
     His favorites are table clothes and napkins.  He loves to play with our water bottles, and he enjoys pulling
     hair and glasses.
*   he loves to touch our faces and rub on us when we are holding him
*   he is still nursing and last week started solid foods.  So far he has had rice cereal, carrots, and bananas.
*   he quit sleeping through the night this past month.  He started waking up once and sometimes twice to eat
     during the night.  He had us spoiled sleeping ten hours and we hope he gets straightened out soon!
*   he still naps well during the day and gets cranky if not.
*   he almost always falls asleep in the car.  He can be asleep within minutes of leaving the house, but as soon
     as you turn the car off he wakes up. 
*   he sticks his tongue out often and thinks it's very funny
*   he loves to laugh out loud and likes it more if we will laugh with him.  He is such a happy baby!
*   he has started reaching out for us to get him, pick him up, or hold him.  I love telling him to "come to
     Mama" and he reachs his arms out to me.
*   he likes to sleep with something next to his face or covering his eyes.  He has a bear animal/ blanket and a
     moon shaped pillow he sleeps with at night.
*   he is rolling over from his stomach to his back and from his back to his stomach
*   he sits up well with assistance but not on his own yet
*   he has most definitely become a hip baby.  He loves to be held and walked around.  He especially likes
     the outdoors.
*   he rarely meets a stranger and will smile, laugh, and interact with anyone that will show him attention. 
     He will also let anyone hold him.
*   his Daddy is his toy of choice and loves to play with him.   Because of this it is getting harder for David to
     rock him or help get him to sleep.  If David has him he thinks it's play time.
*   we finally got him in his crib this month and he now has his own nursery.  We think tonight will be his first
     night to sleep in it in his room.  It is going to be much harder on us than him!
He is the sweetest baby we know!  We are so blessed to be his parents and love him greatly!  We just hope the next six months pass by a little slower than these first six.  Our baby is growing up way too fast!

Happy 6 month birthday Cruz!
You are a blessing to all who know you!

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  1. do those t-shirts have the numbers on them? How cute he is!!


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