Monday, November 29, 2010

Our Bedroom Before and After

 Here are a few before photos of our bedroom-
David had already caulked all of the holes in the walls and you can see from the photos just how many there were.
the walls were a peachy color with green trim around the bottom

we painted them pacer white
and put coffee brown around the bottom 

the fun part was setting up our new bedroom suite 
We first packed up all of our things back in the fall of 2006.  Our first term here was considered "short term"  so we were only allowed to bring a few suitcases each for the three years we were here.  Because of that we sold most all of our big things and boxed up the rest to put in storage.  Of all the things we sold and gave away the only thing that really made me cry was getting rid of our bedroom suite.  We had bought a cherry four poster bedroom suite when we got married and I LOVED it!  I knew it would be too big for any house we might possibly have in the future on the mission field so we really needed to sell it.  Our friends bought it from us and now use it in their home.  The few times I've seen it there still makes me very sad.  So when we were able to crate things for this term we had a lot of major purchases to make.  One of those was a new bedroom suite.  I had made up my mind that I wanted a sleigh bed but when we started looking I really liked this bed.  I thought it was simple and would go well here. 
More importantly than the bed were these pillow top mattresses (we also had to purchase).  OH MY are they comfortable! 
Getting to lay on this everynight has been the highlight of my past few days.

We hunted and hunted for new bedding while in the States last winter.  We never could both agree on anything and then on one of our many late night trips to the Super Wal-Mart we saw a large bin holding several comforter sets marked down to $30.00.  In this family it's all about a good deal.  The set includes the comforter, shams, bed skirt, and sheets.  That made the look of it way more appealing, lol.   We bought a few more matching sets of sheets and in the end saved a bundle. 

A few after photos-
I love this large window.  It takes up most of the wall.  It lets in a lot of natural light during the day.  We plan to hang new curtains as soon as we find some that match.  The owners had these sunflower curtains hanging in every room of the house.

Another thing I loved was getting to bring lots of "old" photos of us back.  Here are a few I have in the bedroom- 
Our wedding day- April 27, 1996

Our ten year anniversary cruise-  April 27, 2006
This was just a few months before we left for the mission field

We still need to add a few decorative touches and hang things on the wall but it's come together well.  After sleeping in there for two weeks on camp cots, we are VERY happy to have a nice, comfy place to rest in at night.


  1. Your room looks SO great and I am sure the best part is having that comfortable bed to crawl into at the end of some long and tiring days!! I love the striped comforter and am glad you got such a good deal on that. Love seeing the photos, too. Those are the things that make a house feel like a home!

  2. Wow! What a transformation! It's a beautiful bedroom.

  3. Regina, I absolutely love it!! I can hardly wait until our things arrive... they are on a boat somewhere on their way here from Russia.

    I love your bed and the comforter set!!


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