Friday, November 19, 2010

Fun Foto Friday

Earlier this week we made a trip to Santa Elena (1.5 hours away) to buy paint for the bedrooms and pick up a few more supplies.  Our first stop was lunch at Burger!
Not many Burger Kings have pretty lake views like this one. 
I got Cruz a hat to wear from there.  He liked it, but really just wanted to take it off and eat it. 
Right next door to the paint store is the Pizza Hut.  We decided to pick up a pizza to take home and have for dinner.  They gave Cruz a balloon from there, which he loved, and wanted to eat. 

Cruz looking out of the window as we crossed the ferry. 
He loves water and I am sure he was wanting to get in it.

We bought a new part so we could plug in our refrigerator.  The first thing we put in there was our pizza. 

I was excited when I unpacked his Bumbo seat.  I've wished several times that I already had it.  Well, our little boy would not fit in it.  His legs are too fat.  I was determined for him to sit in it, if just to take a photo.  Once he was in, he was fine.  He loved it as you can see from the photo below.  It just takes both of us to get him out- one to pull him and the other to pull the seat.  haha

This photo will only make us smile and maybe Nickey.  I wanted to bring a grill back all along but David didn't think we'd have room.  On the last day of packing our crates we had one small square of space left.  We ran to the local Sears and found this grill, on sale even.  We had to COMPLETELY take it apart, every piece to stuff it in.  The largest piece fit perfectly in the remaining space.  We have wondered all along if we'd find all of the pieces and ever get it all back together (I seriously doubted it).  Well David was able to do it and we were only missing one bolt.  Can't wait to fire it up soon!

some beautiful flowers we saw blooming the other day

a beautiful sunset we saw earlier this week
Happy Friday!

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