Tuesday, November 16, 2010

From Drab to Fab in One Day

 Since moving in we have been looking at views like these- 

Then yesterday we had a truck load of Guatemalans show up with a handful of tools and these-
and began installing us a false ceiling. 
They were supposed to be here by 8 but arrived around 9:30.  That was not too long of a wait, but I was pacing the floors waiting on them.

They started by putting in the metal framing which took a.long.time.  I kept thinking there was no way they were going to finish in one day because it seemed like it was moving very slow. 

Cruz and I sat outside most of the day enjoying the fresh air, but every now and then I'd peek inside to see if I noticed any progress. When I looked in and saw them doing this- 
I almost cried.  Not really, but I could have.  It was a happy moment for us! 
They worked hard until 6:30, and got it completed. 
There was quite a mess when they finished.  I was soo very glad we had this done before our stuff arrived.  Can't imagine the nightmare that would have been.

Here are a few after shots I took this morning.  We have a few tiles pushed back where the lights go so David can work on them.   
kitchen views
 It is starting to look really good around here.  We are going to be so proud of our house when we are done! 
We are expecting our crates to arrive today.  It will most likely be late afternoon before they arrive because they are coming from Guatemala City.  So we will most likely spend the day sweeping, mopping, and pacing the floors.  ha  At least we'll get our exercise in while we wait.  :-)

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  1. Hey, it's really looking good. Isn't it neat seeing the progress? Now you just need to put that AC in. RLB


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