Friday, October 29, 2010

Moving Day Is Drawing Near

We have been in Guatemala City since Wednesday.  We drove in to run several errands as well as purchase supplies and things for our new house.  We spent that afternoon shopping for appliances.  We made up our minds what we wanted and made plans to return on Thursday to pay for them and pick them up.  That night we ate dinner with the Stamps.

We were not sure at first how we were going to get the appliances delivered to the storage facility where our crates are being held.  We could fit the stove in the back of our vehicle but the store where we purchased the refrigerator and washer did not deliver.  Jorge, our office assistant, knew someone with a flete (delivery truck) and got him lined up to meet us at the store to deliver it for us.  We were not sure what kind of vehicle to expect to see, but I can assure you this was not one that crossed our minds, haha
We both kind of chuckled at first and I said it reminded me of Sandord and Sons, as in Fred. G. Sandford, and the "G" stood for "Gosh, I hope that thing doesn't break down before we get where we are going" LOL. 
What was worse was the fact that after we had been there about 10 minutes, Jorge turned to me and asked if I was going to take a photo of the truck, as a recuerdo (memory).  I embarrassingly had to tell him that I already had.  ha  He knows me well!

David and Cruz while we waited to unload

Jorge and David

Cruz and I

I can now say that we are the proud owners of a stove, washer, and a full sized refrigerator that is taller than the average Guatemalan.  ha  We have them stored with our crates and are now making plans to have it all delivered to us in Sayaxche' hopefully one day next week!  YEAH!! 

Afterwards we treated Jorge to a Burger King lunch and then headed to the RENAP office to check on our DPIs (permanent residence cards).  We were lacking one piece of paper and were told to come back later.  Jorge will check on that for us today and let us know the status of those.  We then headed to the pediatricians office for Cruz to receive a vaccine.  I'll post about that tomorrow.  We ran a few more errands, ate dinner, and then crashed.  It had been a long day.

We'll spend today buying cleaning and painting supplies for the house.  We plan to see the Stoudenmire's and eat dinner with them tonight and then drive back to Coban in the morning.  We'll finish packing up there and be on the move to Sayaxche' real soon!  We have some busy days ahead with moving, cleaning, painting, fixing up, etc.  Please keep us in your prayers.

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