Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More Bath Time

Here are a few photos of us giving Cruz his bath on Saturday night at our mission house in Guatemala City.  I am not sure who enjoys bath time more, him or us.  We didn't want to pack his tub so we just put him in the sink.  He's not quite big enough for it yet because he can't sit up well so David held him while I washed him.
I love the way he's covering his tummy with his hand.  It's as if he's saying "Mommy, don't put my big naked belly on the computer".

washing his hair

Afterwards we dried him off and put on his robe and slippers.  He was very cute in them!

Cruz and Laurelle

going to get his p.j.'s on

laughing at his Mommy while I try to get him dressed.  he's such a happy boy!

ready for bed

a few more minutes of play time with Allen before going night night

These were taken on Sunday morning when he woke up.  He is such a morning person.  He always wakes up happy, smiling, and in the best moods. 

He warms our hearts with that sweet smile! 

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