Thursday, August 5, 2010


As we mentioned in our last newsletter, we have been busy lately trying to get all of our paperwork done. It is a long process!  We are working on our papers and also papers for Cruz.  We recently took him to get passports photos taken for his U.S. Passport.  He did very good for the ladies taking his picture.  They thought he was 6 months old!
We had an appointment at the U.S. Embassy on Tuesday of this week to turn in his application.  We are also applying for his U.S. birth certificate.  We were told to come back in 10 days to pick them up.  That's a lot sooner than the "up to six weeks" wait we were expecting. 
We are wanting to take a trip back to the States sometime this fall for Cruz to meet our families but have to get all of the paperwork done first before we can leave the country.  We are happy to say that it seems to be coming together well.  Although, still no update on the Guatemalan birth certificate.  We are going to finish his U.S. paperwork first and then go back again and try to see if they can change it.

In addition to his paperwork, we have been trying for the past year to get our permanent residence visa's.  We completed the final steps for ours this past Tuesday and were told to come back in 2 months to pick our cards up.  That's great news!!  We are really excited about that.  We are also very glad to be living close to Guatemala City during this time so that we can get all of the paperwork behind us before we move up north.  I can't imagine traveling back and forth 7 hours every time we have to meet with someone.
David and Jorge (standing in one of the many long lines we've been in lately)
We are very grateful to him for all that he has done to help us in the process!  He is a huge blessing to our mission here!

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