Friday, August 13, 2010

Fun Foto Friday

I think we've mentioned a few times already that the mosquitos where we are living are terribly bad!  We are constantly trying to kill them and keep them off of the baby.  I think it is our boot camp for our next living situation.  ha  Well, a few weeks ago while at a red light in Guatemala City we noticed guys selling these tennis racket looking things.  Let me also say that in Guatemala City at many stop signs and red lights you can buy all kinds of different things- from a dozen long stem roses, to cell phone chargers, fruit, etc.  It is very convenient and entertaining at the same time.  We figured out that the things were mosquito "zappers" and David just had to buy one.  He LOVES that thing and plays with it like a toy.  He is now obsessed with killing mosquitos with his zapper.  He has since purchased a few more to use down the road. 

and just for the record, it works! he found out the hard way by having to "test it out" himself

I love this photo. It shows how Cruz likes to sit on the couch.  I prop him up on his boppy pillow and he puts his feet in my lap. 

His bib says "I love my almuerzo" that means lunch.  He also has bibs that say "I love my desayuno (breakfast) and my cena (dinner).  You can look at him and tell how true that is. 

These were taken one afternoon this week when David came in from school and was playing with Cruz.  Look at those smiles!!!  Can you just imagine the noises that were coming out of that sweet mouth of his!  Ohh, how we love this baby!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Hey, I like those zappers too. We had those at The Shack about 4 or 5 years a go and they were loads of fun. I guess they are just making their way down there. Looks like things are going good for y'all. Happy for you guys. Can't wait to see Cruz in person. RLB


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