Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cruz Meeting Ms. Shirley

Last weekend we were happy to get to visit with one of our favorite people, Ms. Shirley.  We have known her for a couple of years now and feel like she is family.  The best part of the visit was her getting to meet Cruz for the first time. (click HERE to see photos of our visit with her while we were in the States)
Ms. Shirley and Cruz
She is always so kind to us, brings us lots of great gifts, and best of all encourages and prays for us throughout the year.  We are very thankful that the Lord brought her into our lives.  She is a dear friend whom we love a lot!
I had to get a photo of her with her dessert.  She is famous for ordering a small meal so she can splurge on dessert.  I think she only does this while in Guatemala because our desserts are soo good.  ;-)
We wish we would have had more time to visit and for her to spend with Cruz
Ms. Shirley, Cruz, and Sonny Boy (that is what she calls David)

Mrs. Carol, Ms. Shirley, Cruz, and I
We were also glad to get to visit with Dr. Steve and Sheila over the weekend.  They are great prayer partners for not only us but the K'ekchi' work in general.  We love them too!


  1. Cruz is precious. Mom had such a great time seeing you and spending time with Cruz! Love ya'll Susanne

  2. Yay! So glad Aunt Shirley got some Cruz lovin' while she was there :) You are right, she is a special lady. We love her dearly!

    I love the photo of you, Cruz, Aunt Shirley and Aunt Carol. Looks like you all had a fun time of fellowship.


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