Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our Trip to Dothan, AL

This past weekend we traveled to Dothan, AL to visit with some past volunteer team members and to speak at their churches.  We had a great visit with them and were well taken care of.  They put us up at a local hotel.  It was very nice.  We kept talking about how much we enjoyed it and then realized that it was the first hotel we had stayed in since being in the States.  The only thing we could compare it to was the places we had been used to staying at in Guatemala.  We thought we were in a palace!  haha
They had us a gift basket full of snacks, plenty of magazines, and even a cross word puzzle book.  They know our favorites.
and speaking of favorites, they even had me some Dr. Pepper's in the refrigerator. 
We arrived late Friday afternoon and headed to Mrs. Jeanette's for dinner.  She fixed a fabulous meal for us!
Ms. Shirley, Regina, Mrs. Jeanette, and Mrs. Mildred
She had the table beautifully decorated in a Valentine's theme
Our dinner group-
Ms. Shirley, Suzanne, Mrs. Jeanette, Michelle, Shelby, Mr. Lamar, David and I
On Saturday we met Suzanne, Paul, Ms. Shirley, and Mrs. Jeanette at a local pizza place, Richie B's, for lunch.  They had told us about the large pizza's he serves but I could not imagine it until I saw it myself.  It was huge!
Suzanne and the pizza (which was delicious)
Saturday night we had dinner at The Blue Plate with a group who plan to do a medical clinic in July.  We tried to answer some of their questions and help them get ready to go (not everyone was in the photo)
This is Dr. Steve, his wife Sheila, and son Parker.  Dr. Steve has worked with us a couple of times and Parker has been down once.  We love them and were soo glad to see them!
Sunday morning we attended services at Logos Baptist Church with Ms. Shirley.  After church we went to eat at Mrs. Mildred's restaurant.  She has a lovely restaurant in an older home similar to my favorite place, Porches.  The meal was delicious!!  Afterwards she showed us her famous hot dog trailer she just purchased.  We had joked with Ms. Shirley and Mrs. Jeanette about traveling around and selling hot dogs when they were in Guatemala last August.   So now Mrs. Mildred has them ready to go!
Suzanne, David, Ms. Shirley, Shelby, Michelle, Mrs. Mildred, and Mrs. Jeanette
Sunday night we shared about our work in Guatemala at Logos Baptist Church.  We had a nice crowd there considering it was Super Bowl Sunday.  We were encouraged that many still chose to come hear us speak. This photo is with Bro. David, the pastor, and Bro. Stephen, the music minister.  Both have worked with us in Guatemala.
Stephen, Christy, me, David, Bro. David, and Stephanie
After the service we went back to Mrs. Jeanette's for dinner and we all watched the second half of the game together.  We were happy the Saints won!!!

On Monday morning we spoke to the Carol McGriff Ladies Mission's Group at Southside Baptist Church.  I did most of the presentation.  This is a photo of me demonstrating the typical K'ekchi' women's dress.
They fed us a delicious covered dish meal.  I don't think we ever got hungry on this trip.  We were constantly eating, and eating well!
Us with a few of the ladies that were there.  They were a precious group of ladies and I know they have been and will continue to be praying for us. 

We had such a fun visit there.  We laughed and joked the whole weekend.  It was great to be around such wonderful people who love, support, and encourage us soo much!

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  1. It's amazing how many things we take for granted here in the States. This was a cool post to see.

    Stopping by from SITS.


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