Monday, April 26, 2010

Our Weekend

This was a pretty quiet weekend for us.  We have said several times over the last few days that our lazy weekends are about to come to an end.  YIKES!  We spent several hours on Saturday morning walking around the local vendors market in Antigua.  We picked up a few items we were in need of and got to practice our Spanish a good bit.  It was market day here so you can imagine the crowds.  It was very lively though.

I spent the afternoon organizing some more of the baby stuff.  I packed mine and his hospital bag and have them somewhat ready to go. I'll just need to add a few last minute items to mine. 

We ate dinner at home and then went out for coffee.  Well, I had a snoberry frappe which has strawberries and white chocolate in it, no coffee but yum yum!  There is a coffee shop here, Cafe Barista, that has become a favorite of ours to visit.  David loves their coffee and I like their cold drinks.  We said again while there enjoying our time that moments like that are about to come to an end.

Sunday we attended a local church and then went out for lunch.  We ate at an Italian place.  I had lasagna and David had a brick oven pizza.  Most restaurants here have outside dining.  We loved sitting out and enjoying the nice breeze and beautful weather.  I spent the afternoon re-reading my books from our childbirth classes about breastfeeding, the birth, delivery, and care of our baby.  I feel a little more ready now that I have refreshed myself on what to expect. 

Other than that we have studied and rested.  It's been a great weekend!  Sorry, no photos.  I took my camera with me the whole time but didn't take a single picture.  Hope you had a great weekend too!


  1. I love it when people describe their weekends. Everyone is so different and it's fun to imagine doing these things.

  2. So glad that you had a good weekend. Would love to spend my Sat walking at the market like that. Take the walks while you can, soon you'll be chasing a little boy!


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