Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lunch Date

Anne, me, David, and Mrs. Shirley
We just returned from having a wonderful lunch with my friend Anne and her mom.  We met them at Mitchell's in Brookhaven and it was delicious.  They had heard us speak on Sunday night and wanted to get together and talk more about what we do in Guatemala.  We enjoyed answering their questions and sharing about our life with them.  Anne grew up down the road from me and we have been friends for many years.  She is like a sister.  They gave us some wonderful gifts for the baby too.  We really enjoyed our visit with them!

I am now off to get a haircut.  It will be the last one I enjoy for a while.  Haircuts in Guatemala have never been pleasant for me. 

Tonight I will be meeting another friend for dinner and a trip to Easely Amused.  I am excited about that as well!

David will be picking up a U-Haul later today and will be getting most of our things loaded into it to take to the shipping company tomorrow morning.  I am starting to see a little light at the end of that tunnel.  :-)

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