Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Week 21

I am 21 weeks today!

By this week our baby should weigh about 12.7 ounces and be about 10.5 inches long.  We had our check-up today and got a good report.  I gained 4 pounds this past month and that makes a total of 10 throughout the whole pregnancy.  The heartbeat sounded good and was beating fast.  My belly measurement was normal too.  We are thankful for another good report and can't wait to meet our son!

I have had another great week.  I am feeling really good during this stage of the pregnancy.  It has been a blessing and I know a lot of that is due to the prayers being prayed for me and the baby.  Thanks!! 

I feel him move regularly now.  He seems to move more in the early evening, usually while I am on the couch watching t.v.  I love that feeling!

Two things I can't seem to get enough of this past week have been milk and fruit. 

I am pretty much wearing only maturnity clothes now.  They seem to be much more comfortable.  I still use my tummy sleeve from time to time, but prefer maturnity pants.

Still no decision on a name but we are discussing it daily.

Keep praying!  We sure do appreciate it!


  1. you look radiant. grow little one grow.

  2. You do look radiant- absolutely beautiful!! :)

  3. Hi. It's great to hear a good report. What fun!

    I just stopped by from SITS.

  4. Wow! You look really great pregnant by the way.

    I am getting a kick out of referencing a baby fetus to banana for some reason. :)


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