Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Return Visit to Chi' Pata

When we left the village of Se' Mil we traveled to our last stop of the day, the village of Chi Pata. We first visited this village back in early June when just a few people had become believers. We returned to have a service there with our last prayer team in July.

This past weekend was our third visit there. We have been impressed everytime we have returned with their progression in becoming a mission. They have twice expanded the meeting area in their home and they recently purchased the supplies below to begin building a buidling to meet in. They have done all of this in just a few short months! They have also grown tremendously in numbers! It only takes a spark to get a fire going!!
We had a Bible study and worship time with them and then we all enjoyed a meal together.
I was able to take several photos of everyone eating. We hope they will be finished building and have a dedication service before we return to the States so that we can participate.

When we left there we returned to the motel in Lanquin just before the storm came. Both nights we were there it stormed!! We lost power both nights as well. This is a cute photo of Mrs. Jane and Mr. Wendall walking to the restaurant in the rain.
Tomorrow I will post about our second day of travel.


  1. May God bless the work that you are doing. Stopping by from SITS to say hi!

  2. your photos make me feel like i've been there too. thanks for the memories ;) hope to see you guys soon...going to te bday party for jerry on sunday?


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