Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cullman Mission Team Day 4

Sunday morning began with breakfast at the hotel in Lanquin. We then took our team photo. Here we are: Jim, David, Bro. Miguel, Phillip, Regina, Joyce, Michael, Stephanie, & Robert. We then headed to the Semuc Champey area and made our first prayer stop. We visited a home of some new believers and had a time of prayer with them.
It was rainy & muddy
The pastor from the Chi Poc area came there to see us as well as his family and a few members of his church. We were not able to visit his area so he came to us. He introduced me to his 7 month old baby girl. Her name was Regina!! That made me very happy. She is the 2nd Regina we have met so far.
Isn't she precious!! After our time of prayer, they fed us a Caldo breakfast along with tortillas and coffee
This is the pot of caldo
Some of the ladies making tortillas
We left that area and traveled to the village of Chi Pata. This is where we had our Sunday morning worship and Bible study time. These people are new believers as well and our visit really encouraged them. After the service they fed us caldo for lunch. We said our goodbye's and set out on our return towards Coban. Along the way we made two prayer stops to pray over sick people. The first stop was at this house where we prayed for a woman.
The sick lady with her family
We then stopped by this house to pray for a sick man
We made one more visit to pray for a pastor and his family before reaching Bro. Miguel's house. There the team met Bro. Miguel's wife and 6 out of 8 of his children. We had a time of sharing and praying with them before saying our goodbye's to him.
Bro. Miguel & Virginia
We returned to Coban where we stayed overnight.


  1. What a life you are's so worthy!

  2. I really love looking at all of your pictures. So many kids!!


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