Monday, August 10, 2009

Southside- Dothan, AL Mission Team Day 3 (Part 1)

This is the breakfast that all of our teams eat while we are out- cereal, fruit, granola bars, juice, & coffee. It's not very filling but it's quick & easy, and helps us get an early start to our day.

These are always fun to encounter in the road! On Saturday, our first stop was in the village of Naranjo. We first visited this village back in April. There were just a few believers then and they had no building. It was great to see how far they had come in just a few short months. Click HERE to read about that day.

This is a photo of their new church building. Some of the believers there
Our second stop was in the village of Bolonco. There are just a few families that have been meeting there.
We had a devotion time with them and then a time to pray for them.
They have started building a new church building
We also had a time of prayer on the site where they are building
On the way to our next village we stopped along the road for a picnic lunch. We always have a roadside picnic (sandwiches, chips, cookies, & drinks) while out with our teams.
Stephen & Jim
Bro. Macario & Bro. Salvador
Our third stop of the day was in the village of San Fernando Chahal. Bro. Salvador is filling in as "interim" right now. We prayed there with some of the believers. This church and area needs lots of prayer!
We drove about 35 seconds to this store and prayed with the people who live here. Don't know why we didn't walk, ha.
This was a long day and we still had a few more stops to make. So, to keep this post from going too long, I'll be doing it in two parts.

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