Monday, August 17, 2009

Our Trip to Lake Attitlan (Part 1)

Last week when our team left we headed down to Lake Attitlan for a few days of R&R. We traveled with our friends Keith & Glenna Bartley. On the way we stopped at a look out to take photos and do a little shopping. Here is a photo from there-
Keith, Glenna, Regina, & David
There were several vendor booths selling typical items. These handmade baskets are very common in that part of Guatemala.
These were the two that I bought.
From there we traveled on to the town of Panajachel. We have stayed there several times for retreats but never on the actual lake. We parked at our mission house and took a tuk tuk to the boat dock.
Getting ready to board our taxi boat to our hotel near the town of Tzununa. Tzununa means "land of the hummingbird".
David & I on the boat
The hotel we stayed at was Lomas de Tzununa. It is 100 meters up the hillside. It is located on the north side of the lake near the town of Tzununa, across the lake from San Pedro La Laguna. They have 10 individual rooms that all overlook the lake. You can see them at the top of the hillside in the photo below.
A closer view of the rooms
David & Keith at the hotel pier before we hiked up to the hotel.
And I mean literally HIKED!! There are 413 steps STRAIGHT UP to the hotel. It was not an easy thing to do!!
We were all give out by the time we arrived.
Thankfully the hotel has people to carry your luggage for you. I am not sure we would have ever made it if we had to carry our own bags, ha.
This was our room. The hotel is only 4 years old. It is very basic but very nice. The rooms were not the reason we chose this location....
this was!!! This was the view from our beds! It was GORGEOUS!!!
David and Keith on the balcony. Every room has a balcony.
More views from our room There are three volcanos around the lake. All were visible from our room. Below are Attitlan Volcano which is 11,669 feet and Toliman Volcano which has two peaks that are 10, 360 & 10, 282 feet.
This is San Pedro Volcano and it is 9, 908 feet.
David & I overlooking the lake

We have traveled much of Guatemala and seen a lot of places but this was by far the most beautiful we've seen yet!!!


  1. Amen! They have the BEST view! Glad you got to enjoy it.

  2. Beautiful pics! So glad you guys had a wonderful time. Know you can't wait until you can go again. :)

  3. wow. Makes us want to go and see that place too. Costly?


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