Saturday, August 22, 2009

Disaster Relief Project

Recently while out with our last mission team we encountered a group of people that had been burned out of their village. You can read about it HERE. We left them some care packages that day but felt that we needed to do more to help them get back on their feet. Jim contacted our Hunger & Disaster Relief office and got approval to do a disaster relief project for them. This past week we returned to that area and did the first food distribution.

To get the day started we met at Radio K'ekchi' with the leaders there to pray and decide what to do.

Hector, Regina, Salvador, Jose', Macario, Antonio, David, & Jim
We decided to purchase beans, corn, rice, sugar, and incaparina- a children's vitamin drink that is served in the schools here. This is Jim turning over the project to Bro. Jose'.
These four brothers went around town (Las Casas) and purchased all the food supplies. They also got a delivery truck to take it to the village. This is a photo of them waiting on the truck to arrive.
Once we arrived in the village we first had a time of worship with them before the distribution started. This is Bro. Jose' giving the message.
The people were very excited when the delivery truck drove up!
They brought everything into the church building and distributed it from there.
This Brother had a list of all the families and called them in one by one to get their food.
There will be tin delivered to these families on Tuesday and a final food distribution is scheduled for the end of September. Your donations to the World Hunger Fund helped make this project possible. To find out more about Human Needs Ministries and how you can help click HERE.

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  1. Good Morning. Came over from SITS. Lovely blog! I have a 20 y/o college senior who just returned from the mission field (Southern Sudan) and is waiting on God's direction in her it's nice to see your blog and a little slice of your life. Thank you.


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