Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Southside- Dothan, AL Mission Team Day 3 (Part 2)

After praying at the store, the people there told us about another group of people who were living at the edge of town in make-shift housing because they had recently been burned out of their village. We drove down to visit them.
This is how we found them living. It broke our hearts.
There are 35 families living here
The team had prayed about making gift bags to possibly hand out to an unreached area. We made up the bags and prayed for weeks leading up to the team that the Lord would send us to just the right place to give them out.
This is Bro. Salvador handing out one to each family
The people were very touched that we visited them
After leaving that village we drove back into Las Casas and visited the Pastor's Study Center and Radio K'ekchi'.
Stephen, Shirley, & Jeanette outside of the radio station
Greeting Bro. Jose'
Inside the radio station. Each one gave greetings over the air
Stephen giving his greeting
They wanted us to sing something over the air as well. We sang "Blessed be the Name" in English & K'ekchi'. Here is a video of us doing that:

We then had a time of prayer for the radio ministry there
It was a great day. We saw a lot. We were able to pray for many and meet a few needs. We are still praying about how we can further help the people who were displaced. Please pray with us that the Lord would speak to our hearts about if and how we could assist them further.

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