Saturday, June 13, 2009

Baptismal Service

Saturday afternoon we attended a baptismal service with Iglesia Bautista K'ekchi' Belen here in Coban. The service took place at a local park. There was a good crowd that came to support the 10 that were baptized. We enjoyed being a part of their special day. Here are some photos from the service-
Beautiful faces! Belen's pastor- Bro. Raul and the former President of the Coban Assoc.- Bro. Samuel
There was singing, praying, & scripture reading
Pastor- Bro. Raul
David And here are videos of one of the guys and one of the girls getting baptized-

We will be attending this churches anniversary service tomorrow and are looking forward to another day of celebration with them.

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  1. How good it is to see Samuel! We have so many memories of good times with him! Please tell him we said hello!


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