Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Travel Day

We spent all afternoon yesterday getting things ready for our teams arrival. We did our local shopping, made all of our reservations, and got most everything packed up. I also took time to make 152 goodie bags to hand out while we are in the villages. We recently had two tracts copied in K'ekchi'. I included one in each bag. The one I used was called "The Big Question".

I also included a color sheet, some colors, and a pencil. We will be leaving early this morning driving into Guatemala City. Please pray for our travels on the road today and our safety while we are out and about in the city for the next two days.

Below is a photo of a father and daughter we met last June while we had a prayer team here. The team was able to pray over this little girl. They came by to visit yesterday. Turns out that they too are heading into the city today because she has a doctor's appointment. Great timing, huh. We offered for them to ride with us since we were already going. It's great how that all worked out. Pray that we will have a good visit with them as we travel together.

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