Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday (day)

We have spent a good bit of time this week walking around town. It is Holy Week here so there has been a lot of activities going on. There have been daily processionals. We have enjoyed watching the alfombras (carpets) being made in the streets. They are beautiful but are a headache because most of the streets are shut down and it makes driving a nightmare! Here are some photos of an alfombra being made on the main street going out of town. This was a nearby street vendor cart. He was selling fruit.
This alfombra was being made about a block down from where we live. They were working on it this morning around 9 when we left to go to Miss Fran's and they worked on it ALL day. They were still putting finishing touches on it late this afternoon. It was very long and stretched two blocks.
They are made with dyed saw dust.
They really put a lot of hard work and energy into making these for the processionals.
Later this afternoon we went back uptown to take in some of the sights. It was very festive all over town.
There we lots of people out and about.
This was taken near our market. I was tickled to see them selling baby chicks, colored ones! Aren't they cute! While we waited for the procession to start, we went to get a bite to eat at La Posada. We ate on their outdoor patio that faces the central park so that we could people watch. It was nice!

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  1. Amazing photos. My kids loved the colored chicks. We watched them prepare for some processions here in CR. They really go all out for it there it looks like.


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