Friday, March 27, 2009

Lasagna Lunch

Today we had lunch at one of our favorite local places, Fratelo's. It's a pizza/ pasta place in our town. We never call it Fratelo's. We call it "the Q20 lasagna place". That's because they used to advertise a portion of lasagna for Q20 ($2.65). Several months ago they went up to Q26 ($3.45)! That made us mad, ha. But, we still go back, because it's good. Today we took Miss Fran and Delrae with us.
Here's a photo of the outside of the building
Here's the famous sign- they also advertise a slice of pizza for Q6 (about 80 cents) It used to be Q4 (about 53 cents)
Entering the building
They cook the pizza's and bread in this brick oven.

And like many places here, they serve drinks in glass bottles. We love that!

David paying our ticket
Our lunch group- Delrae, Regina, Miss Fran, & David

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