Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Service

Today we attended church at Templo Evangelico Bautista Monte Sinai (Mt. Sinai Baptist Church) in Chicojl. The pastor, Bro. German Contreas, is the new President of the Coban Baptist Association and he invited us to attend. We had a great visit with him as well as a great time of worship with his congregation.

They just built a new road to their church. We were thankful. The last time we visited this church we had to hike. But, it's been raining here almost nonstop since last Monday afternoon. Nothing like having to get in 4-wheel drive to get to church, ha. We love that! :)

Inside the church- most all K'ekchi' churches are decorated similar. They hang lace fabric from the ceiling and other decorations and if they are painted, it's always a bright color. They love a lot of speakers and sound equipment and lots of flowers on the altar.

These are typical benches that we sit on everyweek. Some have backs and some do not. Some times we get lucky and get a plastic chair. If we get one with arm rests we feel really blessed.

These are a few of their flowers. Some use silk and some use fresh. Also in this photo is the offering "plates". They used colanders. That is normal.

On this table is a large basket for food offerings. This is where they would put their eggs, corn, or other food item that they give to the church. If they brought an animal (ex. a chicken) they would tie it up to the leg of the table.

We love visiting different congregations each week. It's most always an adventure, rarely dull, and usually a lot of fun.

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  1. I love that they would tie a chicken to the table for the church. I think that's great. :)


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