Wednesday, October 1, 2008


We are home! It's been a great time so far. We have seen many of our family members and several friends already. Our visiting has only just begun. We were greeted at the airport by David's mother and our nieces and nephews. I was very happy to see the kids! We split the day between his family and mine. Here is a banner that they made for us at his grandmothers house.

I did not take many photos yesterday (I know you find that hard to believe), but I will make up for it over the next few weeks. Here is a photo our our niece, Larsen. She was 7 days old when we went to Guatemala. Isn't she beautiful! We have enjoyed her so much already and look forward to getting to know here more while at home.

We made our first of many trips to our towns brand new Super Walmart this morning. It was very fun! We had a blast looking at everything. There is SOO much stuff it is almost overwhelming. I am sure I will be back several more times before we leave if for nothing else but just to walk up and down the aisles and look.

We met my dad for lunch today at a Mexican restaurant. We wanted Mexican because we do not get real Mexican food in Guatemala. It was fun talking to the waiters and ordering in Spanish. They were real impressed that we could do that.

We do not have Internet service where we are staying so we will not be able to update as much as we would like but we will post things as often as we can. Thanks for your prayers.


  1. Glad you made it safely and even more glad you are updating while you are home. ENJOY! (Kiss Sara Madalin for me when you see her!)

  2. Hey Guys, Glad you made the trip safely. Am sure I speak for all mission teams from First Baptist, covington.
    Enjoy--hope to get to see you before your return trip.


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