Thursday, August 28, 2008

David's helper and friend

Teach me your ways so I may know you. Exodus 33:13
This is David and his tutor, Sergio, eating dinner tonight. David does not have set days that he meets with his tutor, they just study every chance they get. Sergio used to study more with David in the mornings until he had him come a few times at night because of our schedule. Now he always wants to study at night. We have not figured out if it's simply because he likes to do it at night or the fact that we always feed him dinner when he comes. ha On an average week, he will eat dinner with us at least once and a lot times twice or more. We love having him to eat with us because he is good company and it gives us a chance to practice our languages in a laid back environment.

We joke about wondering if he likes what I feed him. I usually cook whatever we would normally eat and just feed it to him. He always eats a lot so we assume he likes it. If it is something typical to the states we always try to explain what it is and how we eat it back home. Tonight I fixed Manwich (thanks to our friends who brought it down!!!). It was funny telling him about sloppy joes and manwiches- a man's sandwich. He said that if they were "man sandwiches" what were mine (Regina's) called= "womanwiches"? We laughed. We have found that he eats and likes just about everything and lots of it. I guess that is typical for a 19 year old. He has asked me a couple of times though when I was going to learn to make tortillas. ha I guess I need to work on that.

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