Thursday, July 17, 2008

Shoe Shines, Sunglasses, and Sweet Fellowship

"Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith." Hebrews 12:2
They arrived! We picked up Mr. Wendall, Mrs. Jane, and Ms. Fran earlier today and headed back to Coban. They were all very excited to be getting "home". We had a great time of catching up with them on the ride up. Once we arrived I cooked dinner for the Parker's and we ate and fellowshipped for several hours more. It's been a great day. We look forward to having all of them back to help us in our work. They are all such a blessing to us. What an honor it is to have them in our lives to invest in us all of their years of wisdom on the field.
While waiting for them at the airport we met a family who was also there waiting to pick someone up. While talking with them, their son ended up getting his shoes shined. This is very common here to have people wanting to shine your shoes. The funny thing is that most of the "shiners" are children. This time it was an adult shining a child's shoes. We just thought it was funny to see this little boy having his shoes shined. We found out that his mother was originally from Coban. She asked us several questions about where we live and our work here. The shoeshine guy spoke up that he was also from Coban, and that he was K'ekchi'. We started sharing phrases and greetings that we knew with him. All of them were quite impressed. We were thankful for these opportunities to share our faith and about what we do here in Guatemala.
From time to time there will be guys selling sunglasses at the airport. Usually they sell Ray- Ban's. David's glasses had broken a few weeks ago and he has not had a chance to purchase a new pair. Actually the lens fell out while he was driving. It was a funny sight. Well today he purchased a new pair of Ray-Ban's at the airport for a whole 30 quetzales!!! That's about $4.00! Pretty cheap for a knock-off.

Old pair

New Pair

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