Friday, July 24, 2020

First Day of School 2020 (5th and 3rd Grade)

Today we are completing our first week back in school.  Yay!!  That's one week down and 35 more to go!  I know that it seems like we are starting back early, but I was ready for our summer break to end. I could not wait to start school again mainly just to give us something to do.  It will also give us extra time to take shorter breaks throughout the school year when we need them.  Here is how we kicked off the new year-

I'll start by sharing a few photos of our school room.  I love the space that we have at our current home for school.  We have a great set-up.

When I began to redecorate for the new school year the boys asked if I would do a race car theme. I was limited on resources but came up with this idea.

I made a highway with mile markers that have the months on them.  We will move our race car each month.  It will help us see how far we have gone in the school year and how much longer until the year is over.  They loved it!

I did a separate post about our homeschool curriculum choices for this school year.  Click on the link if you would like to see what we are using.

Our dining room decorated for the first day of school morning.  I always decorate after they go to bed at night.  It gives them something fun to look forward to the next morning.

I had them each a new devotion book sitting out. 

How can he be in 5th grade already???  It makes my heart sad!

my sweet students

They always want a silly picture.

We had pancakes for breakfast.

Back to School breakfast

We did our annual first day of school memory pages.  I have been doing these since they were in K4.  I keep them all in a binder and love looking back at them.  We also do them on the last day of school.  The pages include interviews, a handwriting sample, a school picture, and a self-portrait that they draw. 

We are on travel restrictions and can only get out depending on the number on our tag.  It was not our tag day so we could not leave.  In years past we always enjoyed going out to eat for lunch on the first day of school.   This year we called in delivery from Pollo Campero.  The boys decided to do a picnic in the front yard.  Cruz set up a tarp for shade.  It turned out to be a lot of fun and a great memory maker. 

Lunch was so fun that they asked to do it again for supper.  We grilled hot dogs and had another front yard picnic.  That might just be a new school tradition.

For dessert we made a chocolate chip cookie cake.  What a sweet way to end a great first day.

I am excited about the new year and all that we will learn together.  Homeschooling is a hard job but it is one that brings me so much joy!

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